Inspirational Writing About English

Below is an article we, as students at Guardian Liberty Voice, are required to write during our Journalism Bootcamp classes. Today,  I found out the owner of the company had our Editor in Chief, Jennifer Pfalz write one too. We encouraged her to publish it, and I am happy to share it with you. 

Reading Aloud Reveals Beauty of Language

Although I have very little formal training in writing, I am a talented writer. I do not write based on grammatical rules or by parsing sentence structure to fit the mold of what is “standard” written English. I have little knowledge of what is “correct” and would more than likely do quite poorly in advanced composition classes. I believe the source of my writing ability to be a childhood love of reading and an innate respect for language as an art, which is precisely why I majored in Spanish….. read more


Fitting the Perfect Sports Bra for Real Women

My Colleague at Guardian Liberty Voice just published this article! I thought you might be interested in reading it.

Fitting the Perfect Sports Bra for Real Women

By Jeanette Smith


Shopping for a bra is not a woman’s favorite activity. Women have different shapes, cups, and underbust sizes. They also have different features, which are preferred in their bras, such as limited bounce, strap width, firmness, can nipples be seen through it, support, etc. There are just as many solutions this undergarment can offer as there are issues, for most women. Sometimes a woman’s breast support can cause new issues, such as chafing or rolling itself up in that little black dress on a blind date. Stores and brand names can also have different measurement requirements. Therefore, a satin full cup underwire bra from Macy’s will not fit the same as a lacy lingerie bra from Victoria’s Secret. A sports bra is not any different, except in many cases there are fewer options.

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