I’ve Been Nominated…

liebster-awardI was nominated by Corey over at: Corey’s Creative Corner !!!

Give her an atta-girl on her blog!!!

“Liebsters are a way for blogs with less than 200 followers to connect with other bloggers, share a little more about yourself, and a way to help promote other small blogs.”

How does this work? Here are the rules:

  1. Post 11 Random Facts about Yourself.
  2. Answer 11 Questions from you Nominator.
  3. Visit the other 10 blogs that were nominated with you.
  4. Nominate 11 Other Blogs with under 200 Followers and Ask them 11 Questions-NO TAG BACKS!
  5. Visit your Nominees and Let them Know they Won the Award!

My Eleven Random Facts

  1.  I love many hand-crafts, sewing, crochet and macrame are my favorite.
  2. My partner says I have a big heart and it is easily broken.
  3. Bubbles, my Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog, was adopted three years ago from a rescue center.
  4. My most productive hours are between midnight and 6 AM.
  5. I have my two grandsons, Xavier (4) and Damien (16 months), four days a week while my daughter is in school.
  6. Nobody would believe that four years ago I was a techno-phobe.
  7. To be alone is my preference but I seem to be surrounded by people more often than not.
  8. I have three addictions; Diet Coke, Fritos Corn Chips, and Peanut Butter m&m’s.
  9. Really, there are more, shopping for and hoarding fabric, yarn and office supplies.
  10. I was a Foster Parent for many years.
  11. The only three things I wanted to do with my life were a mother, a nurse and a clothing designer.

Eleven Questions from my Nominator

  1. How long have you had your blog or website? My blog site began on 10/03/2011, about 18 months old.
  2. If you could choose anywhere to live in the world besides where you reside where and why? New Zealand because I love the mountains.
  3. What is your favorite way to pass time? Reading and playing catch with my baby grandson (I am going to miss the time when he was still a baby).
  4. If you could star in a Movie or Musical what would it be? Perversions because it is all about finding your female sensuality.
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve? Blatant dishonesty!
  6. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive? Sky dive because bungee jumping snaps you back up and down once you hit the bottom of the bungee.
  7. Where’s your favorite place to vacation? San Diego, I love it because it is home, my grandparents lived there my entire childhood and through my early adult life.
  8. Who do you relate more to Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray? Martha Stewart, most definitely not Ms Ray she is just toooo!
  9. What is your best joke you have ever told or heard? I never remember jokes, even when I was just told the joke (in one ear out the other-don’t know why).
  10. What do you wish you had more time for doing? Sleeping! I usually sleep between 4 AM to 10 AM and never feel rested.
  11. What is your cup full of, Tea, Coffee, or Soda? Soda is number one but I love coffee in the morning. I get rather testy if I don’t have both!!

Eleven Bloggers I Nominate

  1. Annoo at http://www.annoocrochet.com
  2. Sara at http://blanketsofblessing.com
  3. Hannah at http://notyouraveragecrochet.wordpress.com
  4. Angela at http://mymakeymakey.wordpress.com
  5. Lida at http://bestofcrochet.com
  6. Lou at http://louslabyrinth.wordpress.com/
  7. Julia at http://www.savingmummy.com.au
  8. Sukrithaa at http://sukrithaa.blogspot.com
  9. Dina at http://thetravelingclassroom.blogspot.com
  10. Rhondda at http://www.oombawka.blogspot.ca
  11. Jei at http://jeicrochet.blogspot.com    


Eleven Questions for the Nominees

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. If you could be any animal on earth, what animal would you be?
  4. Do you have secret goals you don’t share with anybody?
  5. What is the number one item on your Bucket List?
  6. What is your favorite red food?
  7. Do you craft in an office or any old place in the house?
  8. Do you have any siblings? How many?
  9. What was the first thing you created? When?
  10. When did you last make something for yourself? For your home doesn’t count!
  11. How many items are on your  “Wish List?


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