Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 11, 2014

It’s not too early to plan..  Here are a few ideas to warm your mom’s heart!!

From Tamara’s Moogly Blog Pampering Massage Soap Saver Back Scrubber delightful patterns to make for mom. Make her some of these in her favorite color(s) and add some bubble bath, scented soaps, candles or slippers in a nice basket. Mom will thank you when she luxuriates in her bath. (My mom takes very baths to hide from life). ♥

Lion Brand Yarns website offers the following patterns: Crocheted Bowl and Mini Tote Bag that you could make to hold the bath accessories (above). They are made using Fettuccini® yarn.

Lion Brand “Fettuccini®  is a unique super bulky yarn made from the remnants of garment manufacturing. It’s strong enough for bags and bowls, but it’s comfortable enough for jewelry and accessories. Because the material is repurposed, every colorway is limited edition, so your creations will always be one-of-a-kind. The fiber varies by cone;”(see note below).

As an alternative you could make your own yarn using t-shirts or knit fabric from the discount bin. I cut t-shirts on a diagonal continuously to create a longer piece of yarn.

More crochet patterns from All Free has compiled a list of  “25-Patterns-to-Make-Her-Feel-Like-a-Queen-Bee” such as the Antique Ballet Slippers and Flower Slippers.

Something a little different try Sherri’s Berries or Edible Arrangements.



“Note: Fiber varies by cone. please note that every color is unique and will be selected at random (you may receive up to 2 cones in the same color).   We cannot accommodate color requests,” as Lion Brand® describes Fettuccini Yarn.


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